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3 Great Excuses to Throw a Zombie Bash

Zombies are, and always have been, an extremely popular pop-culture topic. They’re featured in multiple video games, television shows, songs and stories. Folks have dedicated their livelihoods to crafting entire universes of which zombies are the main inhabitants. For whatever reason, people can’t get enough of these gruesome creatures. From Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies and Silent Hill to The Walking Dead, The Crypt and Warm Bodies, one thing is for sure: we the living are obsessed with the undead! Below you’ll find three great reasons to throw a zombie party.

The Walking Dead

Maybe you’ve heard of it. You know, the HUGE show that airs on multiple networks twice a year? Yeah, that one. The Walking Dead is an American television series centered around a large group of people who find themselves some of the only survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The show recounts each of their histories and follows their journey to survive against the ever-growing population of brain-thirsty zombies and other fellow human survivors hungry for the limited resources and weapons left on the planet.

The Walking Dead is an extremely popular series that airs twice a year. Many people throw a “viewing party” on the premiere dates of the series, where fans of the show get together and celebrate another season of suspenseful story.

Our Zombie party supplies are perfect for accenting your premiere viewing party. We carry everything from tableware to favors to decorations to help make your event as gory as it can be.


Minecraft is a video game that took the world by storm around 2014. It was released by Mojang in 2009 but took a few years to really gain traction. Minecraft is one of the most popular party themes in existence due to its extreme following with younger kids.

Minecraft is a game that allows you to utilize a series of blocks and other materials to build literally whatever your mind can imagine. There exists a plethora of different materials in the game, as well as multiple skin packs, enemies and worlds. Minecraft has a few different game modes and even has online servers where you can play and build with your friends.

If you’re thinking of throwing a Minecraft party, our Zombie party favors can help accent gift bags and place settings. Zombies are a popular enemy in the game and will be well-recognized by any Minecraft fan at your event.


If you’re looking to throw a themed Halloween party, try a zombie get-together. Zombies are a great way to add some undead flare to any spooky bash.

Our Zombie party supplies are here to make your next event a truly unforgettable one! We carry an exclusive tableware line, super-cool decorations and fun favors that will add some serious attitude to any spooky get-together. Look online for easy, DIY ideas for zombie-themed food and drink to really top off your next Halloween party. Your guests will never attend a better event!

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