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Beach Party Supplies

Grab your goggles and get ready for the ultimate celebration with our Beach Party Supplies!

Nothing Is More Fun Than a Beach-Themed Party!

There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than throwing a party at the beach – or throwing a beach-themed party! It’s one of the most popular themes because the activities are practically built in! It is also incredibly easy to throw because there are many materials that you can use. With just a little bit of advance planning, you can invite all your child’s friends for a day that is going to be incredibly memorable. 


Bring the beach and sun to your home with a fun beach party that is sure to make waves with your guests! Have everyone come in dressed in luau apparel – or maybe their bathing suit if you are throwing your party by the pool or at the beach. With themed party gear, games, activities, and treats, your party will make a huge splash with your little one’s friends. You will impress their parents too!

Serve Beach-Worthy or Luau-Inspired Party Food Ideas

Load up on yummy beach-worthy dishes. Serve sandwiches shaped liked flip flops, seaside cupcakes, grilled pineapples, fresh salads, fruity cocktails, fruits kabobs, banana smoothies, tropical punches, and more!

Ask Your Guests to Come in Costumes

Costumes will make your party even more amazing. Ask your guests to come wearing beach-themed or luau-themed costumes. You can give them leis as they come in. These lei will help create an even more amazing party.


Decorations for a beach party are only limited by imagination. You can make decorating for your party with themed tableware, party favors, and tableware that can help you add the festive touches that your party needs. Whether you’re hosting a small indoor party or a big backyard beach-themed bash, we have in our store decorations that you can use to create an exotic and fun party.


These Beach Party Supplies Pack includes 16 dinner plates, 16 dessert plates, 20 lunch napkins, 16 9oz cups, 24 plastic forks, and 24 plastic spoons! This pack is great for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, beach days, or summer-themed, or luau-themed events. People will love them! You probably hate the after-party cleanup. It’s the one thing they dread about throwing a party, but they can avoid all the hassle with disposable tableware. With this party pack, you only need to unbox them, and they will be ready to use!


Make sure to keep your guests entertained with games and activities. Fortunately, a beach-themed party offers numerous options when it comes to party games and activities. Of course, you can also do classic games like sack race, ball toss, and piñata, but you can tweak these activities to match the theme of your party.

Hula Hoop Contest

Be sure to purchase several hula hoops, and challenge your guests to a hula-hooping contest. You can give a golden hula hoop to the winners of various categories including hula hooped the longest, can hula the most hoops, craziest hula hoops. Wrap the hula hoops with gold ribbons to create the golden hula hoops.

Coconut Roll

Give your guests a coconut, and ask them to roll it the farthest. You can draw a small ring in the middle of the yard, and see who can roll their coconut closes to the center of the ring. You can also set up empty bottles, and use the coconut to bowl them over.


Now that everyone has had their fill of fun and food, the only thing left to do is to give away party favors. Your party will stand out if you prepare party favors that they can bring home with them. Your party favor bags are the best way to thank your guests for coming to your party to celebrate with you.

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