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Light Up the Campfire, Enjoy the S’Mores, and Let’s Go Camping!

Camping is so much fun for kids. It’s an adventure! You’ll get to enjoy things like hot dogs, chips, and S’Mores. This gives your family more time to play games, talk, hunt for treasures, go on treasure walks, and sing campfire songs. You get to learn life skills like how to fish, make a campfire, gather wood, cook over open coals, trap small games, track animals, and tell directions.

Whether you camp under the stars or in tents, you get to have lots of fun setting up the camp. You also get to see animals like rabbits, deer, raccoons, and possums up close. You also get to spend more time with your family. No wonder kids love camping, and this is why camping makes for an awesome party theme!


Camping themed for both boys and girls can be a lot of fun! There are endless games and activities that you can do with your guests. You can get your guests to do glamping in your backyard. You can do scavenger hunts and bingo. You can even come up with new party ideas for your food. You will find a lot of ideas online.

Perhaps, you can throw a sleepover, or your child and her friends can go glamping. The kids can even sleep in teepees or sleeping bags under the stars. You can even do mock sleepovers where kids can stay until just before bedtime, and you can provide lots of games, foods, and decorations! Fortunately, we have a plethora of decorations, tableware, and party favors that you can grab for your party.

Plan the Food

Keep it simple. It’s no big deal. Camping is about going down to the basics, and your food need not be fancy. You can keep it all relatively simple. Think of it as a picnic where you can serve BBQ, hotdogs, fried chicken, fruit kebobs, potato salad, burgers, and more.

Camping food is traditionally cooked over a fire, so you can serve grilled or roasted food. You can also serve traditional camping food like S’mores, campfire platters, hot dogs, and more.

Send Out Invitations

These tent-style invitations are a great way to ask your guests to celebrate with you – camping style! These invitations are perfect for all kinds of events including baby showers, 1st birthday parties, sleepovers, playdates, and more. The invitations include carefully packaged envelopes, so you can easily slip in the invitations and send them out. They would automatically bring out people’s smiles and your guests will know exactly what to expect – lots and lots of fun!

You can embellish your invitations and make it more personal. You can add a tag shaped in a mini flashlight, or you can insert a cutout of a sleeping bag, canoe, or pine tree. You can even insert a printed copy of an S’mores recipe and a photo of your child.

Make sure to have your guests send in their RSVP, so you will know exactly how many people to expect.


Transform your party space into one beautiful campsite. You can put set up tents, or you can put a large tent in your backyard. You can drop pillows inside, and you can let the kids play inside these structures. You can also decorate the party venue with lanterns, flashlights, aluminum cans, cast iron pots, camping signs, faux fire, and more.


Give every inch of your party venue the camping atmosphere with camping tableware. From the moment that your guests enter the door, they will be pleased to see all the party decorations including the plates, cups, napkins, spoons, and forks that match the theme perfectly. Even when it is time to feed everyone, the tableware will help complement the relaxing theme of the occasion.


There are a few camping games and activities that you can do to keep the children happy and occupied. A few of these activities may include making shadow puppets, relay races, telling ghost stories, scavenger hunt, lantern making, hiking, and a hayride – if possible. You can try to do things that you usually do when you go camping.

Dress Up Masks

Provide the guests with silly dress-up masks that they can use to dress up. They will surely have lots of fun dressing up, and you will have them giggling in no time at all.


Your guests will definitely want something to remember your special day. Give them something tangible to treasure after the party ends. Send guests home with party favor bags filled to the brim with treats, toys, and loot.

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