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Brick Party Supplies

Brick Party Supplies make party planning super simple. The vibrant design makes them perfect for all ages. Start planning today!

Invite Everyone to the Creative and Colorful Lego World!

You can build a creative and colorful world right in your home with a super Lego birthday party. Discover how easy it is to create an awesome party with a Lego theme. Lego is one of the best party themes, and it is easy to pull off. Stick with the general Lego bricks. If your little Lego lover has a favorite set, you can focus your decorations and party ideas in that particular set. A few of the popular Lego themes include Super Heroes, Star Wars, Ninjago, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lego City, Disney Princess, and more! You can also choose to build vet clinics, space rockets, castles, and houses.


A Lego-themed party will get kids squealing like crazy. It will knock the socks off the Lego-crazed celebrant and his or her guests. Get ready to have lots of fun with this super cool party theme. Throwing a birthday party is common for parents. If you are not careful with your party planning, you could end up with an incredibly costly party. You can go over the budget. Fortunately, with careful planning, you could have a successful fun party without breaking the bank. If you are planning to throw a Lego party that is cost-efficient, there are things that you might have to consider. For one thing, you might want to schedule the part right after school on a Friday. You will only need to provide an after-school snack instead of an entire meal. People are often busy on weekends, so a Friday is a great schedule for a Lego party.

A Modern Lego Party

Consider throwing a modern Lego party. This means using a white background to help all the colors pop. This means using white walls, white table covers (if you don’t choose to get our table covers), white serving pieces, and other white elements to help your Lego decorations make a statement. Aim for symmetrical arrangements to help create a crisp and fresh look. You can also go for a black background. It is also the perfect foil to provide an accent to your bright Lego colors and bright lights. You can also use giant polka dots to pull things together for this theme. Your options are a single hue or huge colorful dots.

Party Table Backdrop Ideas

You have to create a focal point for your party. A great backdrop for your party table is the iconic Lego font. You can also use it in front of your buffet table. Grab some ideas online on how to create your focal point. Your buffer table or party table should be able to grab people’s attention and create the mood that you are aiming for.


Get your baby to help with every bit of the party planning and preparation. There are DIY party decorations that you can find online. Many of them come with step-by-step instructions. You can make numerous decorations on your own for a Lego-themed party. You just need a lot of colors! Fortunately, a construction paper can help you create bricks and Lego decorations. You can even use old tea boxes to create bricks. Glue them all together to create perfect blocks. Paint them to create bricks that you can use to decorate the room and venue.


A Lego-themed party is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to get matching party supplies for your child’s Lego-themed party. The tableware should match the theme. Fortunately, we have multiple party packs to choose from! Grab more packs if you are expecting a few more guests.


Do not overthink or overcomplicate your game. There are numerous game and activity ideas that you would find online for a Lego-themed party. For instance, you can drop Lego pieces in a box and ask the kids to guess how many pieces of Lego you have in the box. This will not cost you anything especially if you have Legos lying around. The first kid to throw a guess nearest to the real number of Lego pieces win. Games and activities need not be complicated.

Lego Toss

This game is easy to do and cheap to make. If you have a big box lying around, wrap it up in yellow paper and then cut it in half to make bean bag toss targets. You can then use large blocks or bricks that you might have as “bean bags”. Give the blocks to the kids and let them try to get these blocks through the holes. Give a kid a prize if he or she can get several blocks through the hole. You could also assign different points for each of the holes and the kid with the highest number of points get a prize.


Your party can be a huge success with proper planning. However, make sure to plan for party favors too. You can’t let your guests leave empty-handed. Your party favor is a great way to thank everyone for sharing the special occasion with you. Remember that each child enjoys bringing something home with them after the party. It helps prolong the excitement. No child can resist opening a bag full of candies and treats that they can enjoy at home. The key to a successful party favor bag is keeping your theme in mind when you choose your goodies. Fortunately, we have in our store various party favors that match the Lego them quite well.

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