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Glow Deluxe Party Packs (For 16 Guests)

Glow Deluxe Party Packs (For 16 Guests)
 1292 of Reviews

Glow Deluxe Party Packs (For 16 Guests)

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Neon Glow Party: Elevate Your Celebration with Glow Deluxe Party Supplies Packs

Are you ready to take your party to the next level? Look no further than our Glow Deluxe Party Supplies Packs! With 123 essential pieces designed for 16 guests, this neon 80s party kit will transform any gathering into an unforgettable neon glow extravaganza.

All-inclusive Neon Glow Party Essentials

Brighten Up the Night: This package includes 16 vibrant 9-inch paper dinner plates, perfect for serving your delicious party treats. The 16 matching 7-inch paper dessert plates add a pop of color to your table setup.

Napkins Galore: We've got you covered with 20 paper lunch napkins, ensuring that your guests can keep their hands clean and your party space tidy.

Party in Style: Our neon glow banner will set the mood, and the 2 extra-large (108” x 54”) plastic table covers will protect your surfaces while adding a neon flair.

Balloon Bonanza: Inflate the fun with 10 yellow and 10 magenta balloons, creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for your guests.

No More Missing Cutlery: The package also includes 24 hot pink plastic forks and 24 hot pink plastic spoons, so your guests can enjoy your party delights without missing a beat.

Fun for Any Occasion

Our Glow Deluxe Party Supplies Packs aren't just for birthdays; they're perfect for a wide range of occasions. Whether you're planning a glow-in-the-dark birthday, a black light party, a summer get-together, neon-themed celebration, holiday festivity, rave, concert, or a night out at the clubs, this kit has you covered.

Parents Love the Convenience

We understand the importance of making your life easier as a parent. That's why we've bundled all the neon glow party tableware essentials into one convenient package. Now you can effortlessly create a memorable neon or glow-themed birthday for your special guy or girl without the hassle of shopping for individual items.

Create Lasting Memories with Neon Glow Parties

When it comes to throwing a memorable party, it's all in the details. Our Glow Deluxe Party Supplies Packs are carefully curated to ensure everyone, regardless of age, has a blast. The vibrant colors, high-quality tableware, and exciting accessories will guarantee that your guests have an unforgettable time.

Important Note: Not for Glow-in-the-Dark Use

While our party supplies shine brightly, please note that they do not glow in the dark or under black light. For the ultimate glow experience, be sure to have your glow sticks and black lights ready. This will complement our colorful neon glow party supplies perfectly, ensuring a thrilling celebration that everyone will remember.

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